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birth stories

www.lamaze.org (Lamaze International)


www.durham.ca (Healthy Babies Healthy Children)
www.cmo.on.ca (College of Midwives of Ontario)
www.eatrightontario.ca (Eating for a healthy pregnancy)
www.weepiggies.com (Baby’s feet and hands casting)
www.babyview.ca (3D Ultrasound)
www.cordblood.org (Cord Blood Banking)
www.ilca.org (International Lactation Consultant Association)
www.infactcanada.ca (Breastfeeding)
www.sidscanada.org (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome/SIDS)
www.cps.ca (Canadian Pediatric Society)
www.tpomba.org (Parents of Multiple Births Association)
www.tuck.com (Pregnancy and sleep)
www.tuck.com (Parents’ Guide to Healthy Sleep)

Phone Number Resource List
Bereaved Families of Ontario 1-800-387-4870
Centenary Hospital 416-284-8131
Cesarean Birth and Support 905-576-0562
Community Care Midwives (Oshawa) 905-723-6088
Diversity Midwives (Scarborough) 416-609-8187
Dr. Jack Newman's Breastfeeding Clinics 416-813-5757
Durham Region Distress Centre 1-800-452-0688
Durham Region Health Department 1-800-841-2729
Family Services Durham 905-683-3451
Lakeridge Health Centre (Oshawa Hospital) 905-576-8711
Markham Stouffville Hospital 905-472-7111
Midwifery Services of Durham 905-430-9581
Motherisk (Help line Preg. & Breastfeeding) 416-813-6780
Multiple Births Association 905-686-0707
Parent Help Line 1-888-603-9100
Parents of Multiple Births Assocation 416-760-3944
Parents of Prematures 905-432-2563
Rouge Valley Health Centre (Ajax Pickering) 905-683-2320
Sages-Femmes Rouge Valley Midwives 905-409-6447
Telehealth (24hr. 7 days/wk medical help line) 1-866-797-0000