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birth stories

For a short time, Durham Lamaze is only offering private in-home classes. Private classes take place in the comfort of your own home and dates/times are flexible to meet your needs. We have two options available.

Option A) 5 hours:
Covers childbirth - $225.00
(Can be split into two classes if preferred)

Option B) 8 to 8.5 hours:
Covers childbirth, baby care and breastfeeding: $300.00

For more information or to register please contact us at:


The Durham Lamaze Mission is to educate women and their support persons, to increase confidence, and promote active participation in the childbirth experience.
Why attend Lamaze classes?

Childbirth is an unforgettable experience and an important life transition. When a woman is prepared and well supported, childbirth presents a unique and powerful opportunity for personal growth.

Women and their support persons who attend Lamaze classes have been found to be more satisfied with their childbirth experience. Through knowledge and practice, Lamaze helps to reduce anxiety, develops labour and birth skills, and increases confidence that birth is normal.